Jewelry Whispers

Recently I have been asked by some customers how I plan my designs and their execution. The truth is that my process is very loose which I originally blamed on my lack of drawing skills. It was hard to admit this to customers since one would think that a jewelry designer and manufacturer must be artistic.  
I was recently commissioned to restyle a few pieces of jewelry for a customer. I attempted to sketch some ideas and submit them to the customer for approval.  They must  have been pretty good since I was given the go ahead to proceed. However, during the process of making each piece they “spoke to me” and I felt that the original plan needed to be altered. After getting approval from the customer I proceeded with the new plan and she loved the finished product. 
I realize now that the issue isn’t my lack of drawing skills. The issue is that my creative process relies on the piece and how it “speaks to me”.  Whether it’s adding texture, removing a jump ring, using ear wire instead of a post, the piece will let me know. It whispers to me...

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