Soulful Jewelry

Last night was our first virtual boutique and let me just say it was pretty bizarre.  I certainly don’t mind talking about my creations but since we only had a short time we kept everyone on silent - so I felt like I was talking to myself. Not that I don’t feel that way quite often even when someone else is present, but this was definitely strange. 
As I talked about some of my pieces I realized that once they sell (and I hope they do) I’ll be a little sad.  Of course getting paid for something I created is very rewarding but each piece of jewelry I produced has a little bit of my soul in it.  Nothing is mass produced and I need to spend time with each item, whether I’m starting from scratch or filing and polishing a piece that was cast. I do hope that my customers understand that and know that although I get a little sad, I’m also thrilled that someone, somewhere, loves and appreciates that little piece of my soul.

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